Designer Multi Stone Linked Bracelet – Metalsmithing Workshop


Product Description

Workshop with Cathy Prieto-Smith
Designer Multi Stone Linked Bracelet
Fee: $80


Designer Multi-Stone Linked Bracelet

In this workshop, we will explore textured shapes and how to embellish and link them to create a one-of-a-kind fabulous linked bracelet (all the while, learning tricks & tips to take your metalsmithing to the next level). There is no limit to the designs available to you! Come join in the fun! 




All tools and Supplies are available at Spring Beads.  Please support your local Bead shop!


The following kit is available for $72.00:

1 piece of 1″x12″ Sterling Silver 20 gauge Sheet
10 pcs 3mm bezel cups
3 pcs 5mm bezel cups
Scrap Copper and Brass


Additional Supplies

10 pcs 3mm Cabochons
3 pcs  5mm Cabochons



Metal Shears
1.8mm Hole Punch
Texturing Hammers
Bezel Pusher




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